SaReGa Tabla Pro Support

Can not see any products for purchase

Please connect to internet. Android users must sync all their android accounts and then restart the app.

Trial Period expired

This would happen if you installed the software on any of your devices and free trial period for the product has expired from the date of first installation. Uninstalling and reinstalling on same device or any other device will not give you a new trial period. You may try to install on other phone with other google  or Itunes accounts. See Menu->features page for all the information.

I bought the package, still it shows trial period expired.

a. You have latest update of the software. 

b. All the google accounts on your android profile are synced. You will need internet access for this step.

c. If you still face problems, login to the app with your gmail account, this will register the error code app is seeing, and then send your support request to indicating the gmail address. Please include app version number, and transaction id from google payments.

d. For IOS, you can buy the software again at no charge and this can get you going. Apple will not charge for the software again if it was bought from same account. Make sure that you have 1.52 or above release.

 How can to control individual instruments?

Select top left menu icon/ or slide the screen to the right. You will see options to goto each screen.

How to see recordings?

Select top menu button, then select recordings options. This will take you to recordings screen

How to share recordings?

Goto to recordings screen, you will see share button for each recording. You appropriate share button.

How to do offline access?

Log off from the app. Restart the app. Now select offline access button, when prompted for login screen.

How to avoid Jittery sound and delays?

Close all other apps and restart this app;

Background Mode  Issue

Background mode is supported on Android only. The functioning of background mode is limited in IOS . Instead use 'Keep Awake' configuration.