Sa Re Ga Tabla Pro

Accompaniment and Performance Application

Welcome to Sa Re Ga Tabla Pro Application  Web Page

What is Sa Re Ga Tabla Pro?:

 It is an application like iTablaPro, that one can use for accompaniment with Indian Light Classical and Classical Music.

Launching the application



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This app offers free taanpura and 14 days trial for Tabla and Swarmandal.


Basic Demo:

Platforms Supported

IOS and Android.


How much does it cost?

The cost for individual feature is displayed in Purchase Menu of the App.

Basic Bronze Combo

Custom taanpura, Tabla, Swarmadal -loop play

Silver Combo

Custom taanpura, Tabla,Swarmandal loop play, Taal Maker, Live Swarmandal

Gold Combo

Custom taanpura, Tabla,Swarmandal loop play, Taal Maker, Live Swarmandal,Pitch Perfect and Recorder


 The application is designed to require minimal CPU. It requires run-time memory of 35 MB. 

Using Bluetooth

You can use blue tooth by first playing the sound and then enabling the blue tooth. Earlier version of Android, no sound will come if you connect to blue tooth prior to hearing a sound. We still recommend using wired speaker to avoid lag.


Please see SUPPORT


Your feedback is solicited and most welcome. Send an email to : with subject line - "Sa  Re Ga Tabla Pro - Feedback"

How  to use?

On android, you will need to use google login or anonymous login.  Please do not give any other personal detail. See Using Sa Re Ga Basic - Logging In

Once you are able to see following home page, will be able to use the application

Here you can control Scale, Tempo, Volume and Fine tuning. You can also go to screen for specific instruments using Tab Bar Icons. Additional options are available by clicking  Menu button on top right.